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Past Winners & Buyers

2022 Champions & Reserve Winners

Champion Market Steer - Jackson Duchi (Buyer CLT Logging, Inc.)
Reserve Market Steer - Nora Harris (Buyer Evans Building & Excavating)
Champion Registered Bred Heifer - Avery Cash (Buyer AWM Construction)
Reserve Registered Bred Heifer - Yuliana Valdez (Buyer Dustin Brown Landscaping)
Champion Commercial Heifer - Hannah Harrison (Buyer Lassen Canyon Nursery)
Reserve Commercial Heifer - Avery Cash (Buyer Little Shasta Ranch)
Champion Market Swine - Jackson Duchi (Buyer Les Schwab Tire Center)
Reserve Market Swine - London Tharsing (Buyer Chuck L Transportation)
Champion Market Goat - CJ House (Buyer Kim Eastman, Siskiyou Escrow Services)
Reserve Market Goat- Bristol Piersall (Buyer Coastal)
Champion Market Lamb - Kelsey Lenardo (Buyer Parry's Market)
Reserve Market Lamb - Kaden Wilson (Buyer Les Schwab Tire Center)
Champion Pen of Rabbits - Aurora Boyer (Buyer Two Birds Ranch)
Reserve Pen of Rabbits - Karli Franklin (Buyer Fort Jones Lumber)
Champion & Reserve Poultry Meat Pens - Jacob Campbell (Buyer DeClerk Enterprises)
Champion Market Turkey - Gabriel Einsele (Buyer Tiffany Eberle)
Reserve Market Turkey - Madysson Cervelli (Buyer Dustin Brown Landscaping)
Champion Dairy Heifer - Madysson Cervelli (Buyer Belcampo Farms)
Reserve Dairy Heifer - Christopher Solus (Buyer Grange Co-Op)

2021 Champions & Reserve Winners

Unfortunately, there are no photos from the 2021 Siskiyou Golden Fair & 10th District JLAC Auction to display.

2020 Champions & Reserve Winners

Champion Registered Bred Heifer - Lexus Robinson (Buyer AWM Construction, Inc.)
Reserve Registered Bred Heifer - Paige Hinton (Buyer Irene Buske Trust & Law Office of Darrin Mercier)
Champion Commercial Bred Heifer - Hannah Harrison (Buyer Allen Gill Construction)
Reserve Commercial Bred Heifer - Avery Cash (Buyer Stan & Libby Sears)
Champion Market Steer - Hadley Harrison (Buyer BK Ranch)
Reserve Market Steer - Nora Harris (Buyer Evans Building & Excavating)
Champion Bred Dairy Heifer - Callahan Zediker (Buyer Ken Joling, Sr.)
Reserve Bred Dairy Heifer - Madysson Cervelli (Buyer Darin Joling Trucking)
Champion Market Lamb - Peyton Wood (Buyer CLT Logging, Inc.)
Reserve Market Lamb - CeCe Trejo (Buyer Dustin Brown Landscaping)
Champion Market Goat - Blakely Hittson (Buyer BK Ranch)
Reserve Market Goat - Amellia Nordquist (Buyer Mechanic's Bank)
Champion Pen of Rabbits - Aurora Boyer (Buyer Mechanic's Bank)
Reserve Pen of Rabbits - Lyle Boyer (Buyer Lola Cash)
Champion Poultry Meat Pen - Jacob Campbell (Buyer Ken Joling , Sr.)
Champion Market Turkey - Ethan Knechtle (Buyer Mechanic's Bank)
Reserve Market Turkey - Sawyer Lawson (Buyer Scott & Diane Lawson)
Champion Market Hog - Beau Lewis (Buyer CLT Logging, Inc.)
Reserve Market Hog - Samantha Freitas (Buyer Ed Lacque)

2019 Champions & Reserves

Champion Market Steer - Peyton Wood (Buyer CLT Logging, Inc.)
Reserve Market Steer - Kylie Daws (Buyer Bray & Associates)
Champion Bred Dairy Heifer - Blakely Hittson (Buyer Don-Lo Ranch Operations, LP)
Reserve Bred Dairy Heifer - Samantha Brown (Buyer Ken Joling, Sr.)
Champion Market Goat - Blakely Hittson (Buyer Mechanic's Bank)
Reserve Market Goat - Madisyn Bryan (Buyer Mechanic's Bank)
Champion Rabbit Meat Pen - Lyle Boyer (Buyer Personal Preference)
Reserve Rabbit Meat Pen - Aurora Boyer (Buyer Christal Duncan)
Champion Poultry Pen - Shelby Lang (Buyer Ken Joling, Sr.)
Reserve Poultry Pen - Hayden Libby (Buyer Dan Freitas Livestock)
Champion Market Turkey - Thomas Ward (Buyer BK Ranch)
Reserve Market Turkey - Grady Hanna (Buyer John L. Scott Real Estate - Chris Kutzkey)
Champion Registered Beef Heifer - Hannah Harrison (Buyer Hidden Valley Ranch)
Reserve Registered Beef Heifer - Lexus Robinson (Buyer R Taylor Ranch)
Champion Commercial Beef Replacement Heifer - Lena Fogle (Buyer Advantage Paving & Excavating, Inc.)
Reserve Commercial Beef Replacement Heifer - Lexus Robinson (Buyer Stan Sears)
Champion Market Hog - Jackson Duchi (Buyer Dahle Family/Big Valley Feed)
Reserve Market Hog - Brody Lewis (Buyer Finley Farming, Inc.)
Champion Market Lamb - Rickey Kemper (Buyer Nancy Ogren)
Reserve Market Lamb - Cece Trejo (Buyer Mechanic's Bank)
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