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The Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds is located in the far northern portion of California and is ready to help you with your event. It is available for activities or rentals of all kinds the other 50 weeks of the year, outside of the fair. With 85" acres of open space, rich green lawns and large shade trees our grounds provides a relaxing park-like atmosphere. Most any event can be planned at this location with all of the available facilities and more than 90,000 people visit the fairgrounds for interim events. Following are just a few of the rentals that have occurred onsite: county drive thru health clinics, weddings, family gatherings, auto racing, team roping, horse shows, birthday parties, dog shows, swap meets, RV rallies and much much more.

The fairgrounds also serves as the command center for natural disasters: fires, road closures, flooding, evacuations, etc. These situations take precedence over other rentals due to the unplanned and emergency factor.
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