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Exhibitor Information

See State Rule #1 under the Participation section:
In order to participate in a youth livestock program (excluding horse, cavies and dogs) at any California Fair, all exhibitors 9 years of age and older must obtain annual certification in the Youth for the Quality Car of Animals (YQCA) program or complete a comparable fair run program approved by the California Department of Food & Agriculture, Fairs & Expositions Branch. Those NOT CERTIFIED are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate at a California Fair.
There is a link below to the YQCA online course.

Checklist for Entering into the Fair!!

  • Review the Exhibitor Handbook Sections (online).
  • Determine the Department, Classes and Lots that you wish to enter. Print off the Department Section below that you are entering to see all classes available, rules and other pertinent information. If you do not see the class in the Junior Department, a Junior may enter into the Open Class/Department.
  • Click on the "Enter Here" button on this web page.
  • Create an account (a new one must be set up each calendar year). The account must be created by the individual who is entering the item (not the parent or representative). Be sure you receive a confirmation email that your account has been created.
    • If you are entering as a club or organization, enter the name of the club or organization NOT the individual.
  • Include all lots that you wish to enter under your account. A credit card will be required if you are entering a lot with an entry fee.
  • Be sure to click "Checkout" or "Submit" for your entries to be processed. You should receive a confirmation email of the items entered. If you DO NOT receive this email confirmation, you need to go back into your account and double check that it was submitted. The entries will only be received by the fair if you have a confirmation email.
  • By entering through the online system, you are acknowledging that there are no refund of any fees that have been paid.
  • BE SURE to have read all the rules (state and local), code of conduct and pertinent information in regards to your entry in the sections below. All Exhibitors will be responsible to abide by this information.
  • ENTRY DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES is FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2022 BY 5:00 PM. All online entries must be submitted and confirmation received. Postmarks after the deadline will not be accepted (with the exception of the Horse Show).
  • Any questions or concerns contact the fair office at (530) 842-2767 BEFORE the deadline.

Exhibit Judging Systems:

AMERICAN = The American System of judging is based on all entries in a lot being judged against each other, and awards are one first, one second and one third placing etc.
DANISH = The Danish System of judging is basesd upon established standards of quality for each type of product. In this system, each exhibit is judged according to how well it meets that starndard rather than how it compares with other exhibits.

Sweepstakes Information:

NEW THIS YEAR!!! Sweepstakes cash awards will be given out to senior exhibitor and junior exhibitors for participating in the still exhibits departments. This award will given to the individuals that have received the most points for entries. Individuals are automatically entered into the sweepstakes program and will receive points for each 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing that they receive. The more you enter the better your chances are!!
** 1st Place gets $75.00 ** 2nd Place gets $45.00 ** 3rd Place gets $15.00 **
Be sure to refer to the State & Local Rules as well as ALL sections below that pertain to your entry.
Exhibitors are stating when entering an exhibit that all rules and regulations will be abided by.

REMINDERS FOR LIVESTOCK EXHIBITORS: Be sure to enter a backup animal if you have one; Parent Passed MUST be purchase (under the exhibitor) and they will be available for pickup at the livestock office at check in. Parent passes will NOT be available for purchase onsite.


Listed below are the State and Local Rules, the Livestock Policies and Animal Care along with the class listings for all departments. Be sure to review all information; by entering into the annual fair you are agreeing to abide by all rules and policies.
If you have any questions, please call the fair office at 530-842-2767.

For Exhibitors entering Livestock Market Animals, showmanship is MANDATORY.
Be sure to enter into the correct class and age division (age is as of January 1st).



ALL Livestock Exhibitors, over the age of 9, bringing an animal to the fair MUST have Quality Assurance Training. Each exhibitor will NEED to turn in a copy of your online course completion certificate to the fair office prior to the closing of entries, July 22, 2022.

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