Destruction Derby
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Destruction Derby

Event starts on Saturday Night at 6:30 PM.



PreSale Online Only:
Box Seats $18
General Admission $14

During Fair Online:
Box Seats $23
General Admission $19

Children 2 and under do not need a ticket as long as they are not taking up a seat.

Want to be a Participant?

Update to the Rules (5/22/2021)

Stock chain class can run slider drivelines. Have open tires. We don't want any bumpers falling off, so yes you can hard nose the bumper pls your 10 inch bumper brackets on the outside only. Or the factory brackets. Don't cut frame horns back.
Weld class, don't use any part of the crossbars or shifter bar as a kicker to strengthen the car in any way shape or form. You will cut it out or go home.
Builders are getting very smart with builds and we love this but we also need to stay on top of it. We respect all your fabrication skill but it needs to be fair across the board.
Any question contact Jesse Williams, JW Motorsports, at 530-310-1415

Payout for Participants

TOTAL PURSE is $6,500

Main Event Payout: 1st Place $2,000, 2nd Place $1,250, 3rd Place $800, 4th Place $250 and 5th Place $100
Heat Payouts (1st Place only): 1st Place $100
Stock Class Payout: 1st Place $800, 2nd Place $400 and 3rd Place $200
Awards: Trophies will be awarded to the 1st place winners in each heat and in the main event. A trophy will be given out for the best appearing car and will be chosen by the crowd. $400 in prize money will be given to the Most Aggressive Car/Driver chosen by the crowd.

All prize amounts will be mailed out after the event by the Siskiyou Golden Fair. Any winnings over $600 will be issued a 1099.

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