Redneck Roundup
Don't forget to come out to the Sportsmen's Expo - March 28 & 29!!
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Redneck Roundup

Event starts on Friday Night at 6:30 PM.


PreSale Only:
Box Seats $10
General Admission $5

Box Seats $11
General Admission $6

Children 2 and under do not need a ticket as long as they are not taking up a seat.

Payout for Participants

TOTAL PURSE is $2,250

All events will be "Winner Takes All" with each event paying out as follows:
Quaderator $750
Racing Quad Barrels $250
Ranch Quad Barrels $250
Sled Race $500
All Around Redneck $500

All prize amount will be mailed out after the event by the Jefferson State Stampede Committee. All monetary winners over $600 must complete a W-9 prior to their payment being issued.

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